“Unique, Modern, Alchemy”

arza italia al  artiessenze

Size 50cl
Gradation 28% alc./vol.

Artiessenze: the idea

We love Italy, we love liquor.
After centuries of our country’s vast liqueur tradition, we wanted to bring the care, research and the wonderful alchemy of raw materials that interact in a synthesis of new flavors, which knows how to be modern and ancient at the same time, to the glories of the past.

This is Artiessenze, this is ARZA’:
The tribute of a new generation and its vision of the world to the history of our local taste, which has always been incomparable.

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The ingredients

arza bandiera italia artiessenze

Garganian Orange PGI

Since ancient times the fame of the Garganian orange PGI had crossed the regional borders and was mentioned in the works of various authors, including in more recent times Gabriele d’Annunzio. Loud, fresh, persistent, full of flavour and history.

Sardinian pistils of saffron stigmas POD

It is the red gold of the island, of ancient origins. It is considered one of the most precious spices in the world: the unmistakable aroma, the ruby color, the typical and unique treatment between separation and drying make it unique. Aromatic, unmistakable, precious.

arza barra bandiera italia artiessenze


Pastry and Sauces

arza bandiera italia artiessenze

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    Arza Etichetta

    The Label

    arza bandiera italia artiessenze

    Who, better than a contemporary artist ,could have completed our vision?

    Myfo78 (Marco Michelini), an artist loved and admired by us for his biting ability to immortalize moments of POP culture, celebrating them with sparkling exuberance, outside of the visual and narrative canons, has created two label studies for us.

    If one version is more traditional, though recognizable, the second edition of Arzà is of great impact and will be dedicated to special events and customers. The cradle of traditional art, Italy, which leans forward to write, once again, the aesthetics of drinking, with courage and a little madness.

    Where we are

    arza bandiera italia artiessenze

    Sede Legale:
    Via Lunigiana 229/B, La Spezia – Italy
    +39 345 765 64 92 | info@artiessenze.com